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Upon moving back to Wilmington from Atlanta, Carson joined Opera House Theatre Company as a producer and created the position of the first Director of Education. She is in charge of all training and development classes, workshops, and camps, as well as their community outreach programming. OHTC is a nonprofit theatre company that has developed, nurtured, and brought tremendous talent to Southeastern NC since 1985.  


From sitting in their audience as a kid mesmerized by A Chorus Line to later performing in one of their musicals (my first), Crazy For You, being an integral part of this amazing non profit this is thrilling, full circle opportunity!  With uncompromised quality training, we are committed to nurturing new talent, offering every chance for growth and professional development, and making Wilmington a breeding ground for a new generation of exceptional theatre performers.  You can pick below for more information on the wonderful work we do, and support local theatre arts through seeing our shows and/or sponsoring a child in the community for a top notch arts education!   

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